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Guernsey 2010 Camp of the Year!

17th August 2010

Guernsey 2010 Camp of the Year!


Guernsey 2010! Camp of the Year!

Guernsey 2010 was a joint camp between Eynsford & Farningham, 6th Swanley & New Ash Green Scout Troops and Darvale Explorer Scout Unit. The camp took place at Rue Maingys the Guernsey Scout Association Headquaters site based in the northern part of Guernsey.

As well as camping under canvas the holiday included many activities from, Archery & Climbing to Sea Kayaking & Go Karting. In between activities the partols we encouraged to help with the menu & cooking the food. In summary a taditional camp with HUGE amounts of fun!

As part of our camp communications (In Touch) with the parents we had an online blog which the Scouts, Explorers & Guides were asked to write as part of their camp challenge. To make this news story more interseting we have used the blog entries for a unique insight into the camp...

After a very gentle drive to Weymouth & a very smooth crossing to Guernsey, we arrived on site at 09:30 Monday 9th August. Tents were erected and all settled in by lunchtime. After a few hours rest & exploring the campsite we then went to the beach for Fish & Chips & a quick dip in the sea for the braver ones!

Tuesday moning it rained on and off but has not spoilt our fun! We visited Castle Cornet where we saw the Noon Day Gun being fired which was quite loud! After that we had lunch at Pembroke Bay and had some  time on the each. This afternoon we had a game of crazy golf at the oatlands Centre, some of us got holes in one - watch out Tiger Woods!

Wednesday, was an activity day. The morning was a round robin of Archery, Climbing & Kayaking on the site reservoir. The afternoon was exploring St Peter Port with a scavenger hunt to help us find out  a little bit about Guernsey. In the afternoon it was the Guernsey 2010 Ten Pin bowling competition, A fiercely fought competition Dom Giovani thought he'd nicked it in the final stages but only for one of the camp leaders to pip him at the post by 20 pins.

One of the highlights for many was the day trip to Sark on Thursday 12th - the glororious 12th!

Today we went to Sark. We got on the ferry. We were on the ferry for an hour. When we arrived we got a tractor up to the town because in Sark there are no cars only bikes horse & cart or your feet! First me, Shona, Sarah, Bethany, Izzie & Elena all went down to the beach to have our lunch it was lovely I really enjoyed it then we all needed the toilet so we all ran but the down side was it was all up hill! After we had been to the toilet we went shopping. I spent loads of money it was lovely I couldn't help it! After shopping we went back to catch the ferry and I went to sleep. By Lottie :)

On Thursday 12th August 2010 we went to Sark on a ferry. I went to the beach and I went shopping. We had a tractor to go up tot he top of the hill. There was a horse & cart what you could go on around the island. Some of the boys went on a bike around the island. The girls went on foot around the island. Me, Lottie, Sarah, Beth, Izzie & Elena went to the beach to eat our lunch, when we was on our way back from the beach we all really needed a toilet. We went to the cafe to get a drink and went back to the ferry and I went to sleep. From Shona (New Ash Green)

As the week went on the higher the adrenaline the activities became, following from the relative peacfulness of Sark Friday saw us Sea Kayaking on Petit Bot beach on the south of the island.

Today we went Sea Kayaking. We went in pairs and everyone capsized, Matt and Ben on numerous occasions. We followed the instructors around the rocky coast, through the gaps and often got marooned as the waves passed us onto the rocks. We turned back and joined the three boats in a raft and paddled while singing.When we returned we ate our lunch, including KitKat sandwiches, ans spent time climbing the rocks. We also went to a chapel decorated with smashed up crockery. We came back and ended the day with a campfire. A very enjoyable day especially with the excellent weather.By Benedict, Dominic & Explorers.

We went sea kayaking today. The sea was cold but you got used to it! We went out of the bay and turned left into the rocky area. We squeezed through gaps in our double kayaks and had to turn around quickly to avoid getting smacked into the rocks by the waves! Lottie O'Connnor and Shona caught a wave and then wedged the Kayak into a rock and the were both hanging out the side! Before another wave came in and started throwing them around. We headed back and had hot dogs, Potatoes & baked beans for dinner! I'm sure we all love it here, but can't wait to sleep in our own beds. By Ellena

Today in the morning we had a chill and had some lovely breakfast cooked by the cooks. Then in the afternoon we went down to the beach to have a picnic, then we went to the little chapel which was very very beautiful with lovely crockery that was broken up and cemented into the wall and we had to find a map of Kent and I found it! Then my group went kayaking and went in the grooves and cracks of all the rocks, I was with Ellena and we nearly tipped the canoe.Then we packed up and went back to the camp in the minibuses and the explorers made a campfire  and had a campfire. It was good. Then we went to bed. By Little Lottie (6th Swanley).

In true Swanley Scouts tradition we finished the week with a bang! The Guersney 2010 Grand Prix at the Guernsey Island Raceway.

The track is around the perimeter of one of the islands football clubs ptiches, fortunately there was not a football match taking place at the same time! Split into 3 groups of Scouts & Guides they had 2 sessions of 10 minutes to try and get the fastest lap. The first sessions was to learn the track & build up some confidence before trying for a time in session 2. The racing was close all times within a few 10th's of each other. But the fun was only just about to start when they released the leaders in the adult karts! Nigel Mansell eat your heart out. Once the red mist came down there was no stopping them as they traded fastest lap after fastest lap, tyres squealing & power slides to enhance the action. Let's just say the best man won!

Like all good things they must come to and end and so I would like to say thank you to all the people who helped put the camp together, but most of all to the Scouts & Guides who came because there would have been no camp without them. One of the nicest things was the positive feedback I got from all the instructors & people we met while we were in Guernsey about how well behaved everyone was. We really did Swanley District & Kent County proud! So THANK YOU!

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There were a number of badges earned during camp they were:

[Outdoor Challenge]Outdoor Challenge

[Adventure Challenge]Adventure Challenge







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